How To Quit


Centre for Cyber Wellness

We have experimented for a year, trying to expand the conversation on how to escape the clammy grip of our digital overlords. And now we are making this book. On one hand to find out what we were doing in the first place and what we are to do next, on the other hand, to share the experiments we conducted and the tools we have developed along the way.

This book presents two performative experiments, both of which were conducted as reactions to the status quo, in an attempt to develop concrete tools to alter, subvert and quit mainstream internet infrastructure and its harmful and depressing routines. Our intent is to balance the potentials of the internet with humans needs for intimacy and local community by focusing on pragmatic tools to actively shape one’s internet usage and aid in digital care towards oneself and others.

The two experiments was a part of the exibition “Shaking the habitual” at | meter | exhibition space in Copenhagen. Here, over a period from March 3rd through June 23rd, 2018, | meter | invited artists, writers and activist groups to join a search for feminist utopian horizons. Our contribution was the two workshops “Digital Stress and Mindful Computing” and “On behalf of”.

This book aims to document and share the results of these two workshops. The provisional manuals reproduced here are intended as an incomplete toolbox, and not as a finished blueprint. We invite people re-use, remix and share. Feel free to copy, modify and appropriate the tools, adapting them to the particular needs of your community. How to Quit? is released under a free culture license. How to Quit? is not a step-by-step guide telling you how you quit, but the beginning of a conversation.

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